We’ve Got Your Pack: Built CORDURA Strong!

We’ve Got Your Pack: Built CORDURA Strong!

From the classroom to the backcountry, Eastern Mountain Sports® daypacks constructed with CORDURA® Lite fabric and CORDURA® HP fabric are specifically designed to meet the versatile needs of students and durable enough to handle a wide array of demanding outdoor activities, too. While it can sometimes be hard to prepare for an adventure, using light-weight and durable products can help make preparing for the unexpected a lot easier.

EMS® Esker Daypack

Our pack fabrics have remained a ‘go-to’ material for brands because they have been field proven on the mountain as well as through the urban jungle for more than 30 years.  We specifically develop our fabrics using high strength yarns with exceptional strength- to-weight ratios to be abrasion and tear resistant.  Your adventure will be well covered with our fabrics.

With the inclusion of CORDURA® fabrics in the body of the packs to help minimize wear and tear, these Eastern Mountain Sports daypacks are designed to deliver the added toughness and durability needed to survive the daily grind.

The CORDURA® brand team constantly strives to meet the needs of durable people who like to push their own limits, and above all we want our products to be as functional and versatile as the people who use them. We are always up for a challenge to innovate and create solutions with leading outdoor brands like Eastern Mountain Sports®.

EMS® Four Wheel Jive Daypack

When Eastern Mountain Sports approached us about designing these daypacks, they had a specific set of requirements so we worked with them to develop a fabric collection that offered an ideal balance of style, durability, and function.

An interesting point to highlight about the Eastern Mountain Sports packs is the contrast of weaves and colors, which help to provide an array of color contrasts and geometric options for today’s fashion yet performance driven consumer.   These packs use both solid colors and dobby weaves – a pattern weave that’s built into the fabric. Eastern Mountain Sports opted for this weaving option which creates geometric patterns such as square, diamond, and drop shadowbox style ripstops. (Worth noting: A ripstop weave is a special reinforcing technique that helps make fabrics more resistant to tearing and ripping.)

EMS® Big Bang Daypack

The rugged shells and exceptionally organized interiors make these 10 Eastern Mountain Sports packs the ideal choice for outdoor adventures and daily use. They are a true representation of the durability and versatility of CORDURA® fabrics in that they allow the wearer to modify the product to fit their needs and the demands of their personal adventure.  Additionally, the strength-to-weight ratio built into our CORDURA® fabrics help ensure that students don’t add unnecessary weight to the already heavy load of books they have to carry!

Other Eastern Mountain Sports products using CORDURA® fabrics include duffels, adventure travel luggage and gaiters.

The CORDURA® brand is all about durability. In fact we created a site about durability and the versatility of our fabrics on our website. Check out the Durability Experience to learn even more about the many applications for CORDURA® fabrics for all of your durable adventures.  Just remember…it doesn’t matter if your adventure takes you to the mountain or to the mall, always carry your best!

By: Allen Mortimer, global product manager, CORDURA® brand

Jim Darroch

Jim's love for the outdoors began with family camping trips in "Brady Bunch" style canvas tents and progressed to backpacking adventures with the Boy Scouts. In 2007, he fulfilled his teenage dream by joining Eastern Mountain Sports as Brand Communications Manager. When he's not in the office, you'll find Jim kayaking, hiking, and mountain biking around the Monadnock Region and throughout New England with his wife Brenda and his dog Brewski. Follow Jim Darroch on !


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