The White Family Goes Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing
The White Family Goes Rock Climbing

A rapidly growing interest in a new way to play outdoors is usually accompanied by a rapid onset of sheer terror on my mother’s end. Unlike skiing or mountain biking, neither of my parents had ever rock climbed, save for once or twice on an indoor wall. As I was describing to my mom how much fun I’d been having in Utah, I realized that she had no concept of how much safety and thought is put into climbing. I asked if she, and the rest of my family would be interested in going climbing for a day while I was home. There was a unanimous “yes”, and after a bit of research of places offering climbing guides in the North Conway area, it turned out that the EMS Climbing School was the best choice for us.

The day after I Presi Traversed with Andrea, my family showed up at the EMS in North Conway, ready to go at 8:30. We met our guide, Paul, filled out the necessary paperwork and were set up with climbing harnesses and shoes that fit us perfectly. When we got to the crag, our day began with a hike to the top and a belayed rappel down.

Paul, Mom, and Dad below with a friendly hiker and her dog.

This was a really great way to build trust with Paul, because we while we were in control of our descent, if we made a mistake, Paul had us. After that, we set up a top rope on an easy climb and had some fun. A couple of drizzles came through, but it wasn’t a big deal. After having fun on the easy route, we set up a much harder route.

Dad climbing the harder route.

Everybody made it to the top, and everybody relied heavily on the rope. There were a couple of moves that were super interesting.

My sister on the harder route.

At the end of the day, we were all happy, and my grandfather and grandmother had even walked up the trail to the bottom of the crag. Paul was impressed, especially because it was my grandfather’s 85th birthday that day. I have a feeling that the rest of my family are all up for another day of climbing or two.

My dad and sister watching my mom climb.



Ben White

Ben White is a natural born adventurer from Essex, Massachusetts. During the winter of 2010/2011, he set out to hike and ski the NH 48. He finished 6 days before his 18th birthday. While he has been known to ski naked, Ben loves testing out different clothing, from base layers to parkas. When he isn't skiing, he's mountain biking or hiking. His love for mountains has dragged him out to the University of Utah, where he is currently studying Geology. 

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  1. Janet White
    August 24, 2012, 1:25 pm

    This really was a great way for our family (with 19 and 16 year olds) to spend a day. As long as the teenagers were in agreement of something we could all do together, I would go. The Climbing School was exactly what we neeed and Paul was a great fit for our family. It was a great workout while also getting to hang out when 1 person at a time climbed. And Paul would not let me quit on the hard climb! I defnitely look forward to doing this again–great suggestion by Ben and kudos to Lizzi for being game.

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