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As the weeks progress and the miles on the road fly by, I find myself still in Rhode Island counting down the days until the next stop on the Eastern Mountain Sports Outdoor Demo Tour.where James and I can introduce more people to road bikes, mountain bikes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards. I can’t believe it’s June already! After weeks on the road, you might be wondering if our stationary status resulted in boredom? Heck no! Since our arrival in Wickford a week ago, James and I have managed to stay quite busy.

After a quick staff training event in Danbury, CT we had a little time to kill so James decided to show me what makes Rhode Island such a great place to be.


First off, we went to a smallish restaurant called Wein-O-rama. Now if what this place serves isn’t apparent in its name it will be after a quick gaze at the menu. This place essentially epitomizes Americana diner style eating. Personally, I think they make exceptional hot dogs with this special topping (I still have no clue what it is). However, most importantly—and as James likes to repeatedly remind me–these are NOT HOTDOGS. These are WEINERS and as I learned in Rhode Island, Hot Dogs and  Weinersare two very different things. How and why, I couldn’t tell you, but I can say they were probably one of the greatest creations I’ve had the pleasure of eating off a grease coated grill. That and a steak and cheese filled Omelette from another local Rhode Islander diner favorite, Snoopy’s. These things have an addictive quality similar to Twinkies. I’m told you need to try at least two should you go there, personally I had three. After pit stop at this fine dining establishment, I managed to find another Rhode Island classic, Del’s frozen lemonade. Also a delicious creation, and to my surprise, it even comes in other flavors.


Anyway, enough rambling about food. Next week I’ll make it a point not to write before dinner. Aside from the fine cuisine I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing (still no Sonic), I’ve gotten several opportunities to hone my stand up paddleboard skills. I generally consider myself to be fairly water savy and skilled when it comes to balancing. NOPE. Not when it comes to trying to stand up paddle board in the surf. My first time on the ocean on a stand up paddleboard, I probably spent more time in the water, legs flailing about than actually on the board. Though I did manage to catch a wave and ride it for about 10 feet before I took an epic nose dive. It was an absolute blast, and a learning experience to say the least but I didn’t learn until after we headed in for the day that standing up in the surf isn’t recommended, kneeling is the way to go.


To mix it up a little, we decided to stand up paddleboard on the smallish Pawtuxet River. In stark contrast to the Potomac, this river was much smaller, and in my opinion more fun to paddle….especially on a stand up paddle board. This waterway was significantly narrower, not to mention fairly shallow. Apart from the fact we could actually see the bottom; this excursion even afforded us the opportunity to play with stand up paddle boards in some class 2 white water for a short section.

Class2I have to say, the more I use a stand up paddleboard, the more I like it–especially when the water is clear and you can look down and see what’s happening below. If I had been kayaking, I probably would have missed all the horseshoe crabs and fish schools.

horsehoecrabI managed to get all this adventuring in during just one week in RI. I didn’t even mention the gorgeous road bike rides I took along the coast. It’s so flat here I almost miss all the climbing in the White Mountains, but man can you cruise! We’ll be stationed here for another week or so before we hit the road again and head over to Connecticut and New York.

To find out where James and I will be showing up next, CLICK HERE for the complete Outdoor Demo Tour schedule!


Ben Cargill

An employee of our North Conway, NH store since 2009, Ben is excited to be hitting the road as one of our 2013 Outdoor Demo Tour drivers. Ben was born and raised in the White Mountains where he started skiing and biking at a young age. He spends his free time hiking the High Peaks of New Hampshire, shredding the backcountry and skiing or running with his dog. He recently finished hiking all 48 4,000 footers in New Hampshire and hopes to take on the Appalachian Trail some day.