#JamesOnTheAT Week 14 Update: Out of NY, into the ER

I caught up with James over the weekend and sorted out a weird Instagram glitch where I was unable to view his profile and updating his progress here on the blog. I’ll spare you the details, mostly to spare my own embarrassment but I discovered several photos that I’d... Read More ››

Instagrammer of the Week: bbourget9

This past weekend I had the pleasure of representing Eastern Mountain Sports (AKA giving away a crap ton of prizes) at Seak the Peak–a hike-a-thon to benefit our good friends at the Mount Washington Observatory. To make things even more interesting, we sponsored a #SeekThePeak photo contest where we... Read More ››

Best Hiker Photos From #SeekThePeak

Seek The Peak is the largest annual fundraiser for the Mount Washington Observatory. As the official outfitter of the intrepid men and women who brave the World’s Worst Weather every hour on the hour, 365 days a year, Eastern Mountain Sports is also the presenting sponsor of this one-of-a-kind... Read More ››

8 Things To Do Before Labor Day

Yes, summer is only officially a few days old but you KNOW how quickly the best days of the year fly by. First, one weekend gets consumed by a friend’s wedding, then it’s a family reunion. Next thing you know, the stores are packed with Back To School stuff, the NFL is... Read More ››

Best Water Bottles For Outdoor Activities

If I remember correctly, my first purchase as an EMS employee back in 2003 was a wide-mouth Nalgene bottle. It’s a blue one with a black cap, and it’s certainly showing its age these days, though I’ve covered most of the dings and scratches with stickers. When the fact... Read More ››

#JamesOnTheAT Week 6 & 7 Update: Poor Reception, Deep Connections

As I said from the beginning, one of my greatest fears about following the adventures of an Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker was being stuck with nothing to report due to the limitations of cell coverage. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened the last two weeks as James made his... Read More ››

10 Father’s Day Gifts for Outdoorsy Dads

Father’s Day is coming. If you’re like me and putting a smile on your tough to please dad’s face still delivers the same sense of accomplishment as your first unassisted two-wheeler ride or a good report card, here are some unique gift ideas for your consideration. And since sometimes it takes a... Read More ››

Outdoors on the Interwebs: Week in Review, 5/16/14

For people who prefer to spend their time outdoors, having a desk job can sometimes be a bit painful. I typically find myself spending about 5% of my time researching whatever I’m supposed to be writing about, 30% of my time writing, 30% of my time wishing I was... Read More ››

#JamesOnTheAT Week 5 Update: Settling In To a Routine

It’s hard to believe that James Willette from our Peterborough, NH store is already a month into his northbound Appalachian Trail experience but that’s exactly how long it’s been and here’s exactly where he was yesterday–at the top of Roan Mountain in North Carolina: Yikes. James summed this photo up rather nicely... Read More ››

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