Osprey Kode 32 Pack Review

Winter Sports

I got the Osprey Kode 32 at the beginning of the ski season. Being lightweight, semi-rigid and designed specifically for backcountry skiing, it really had me intrigued. One thing that stood out initially was that the only way into the main compartment was through the back, no entry through the top.

Kode 32 Review 4 Like most consumers, I tore off the tags and promptly threw them on my bedroom floor and swept them under my bed.  The next morning I decided that my helmet would go into the main compartment and my shovel would be happily strapped to the outside, like it had been on my previous pack that wasn’t purpose built. After a while, I figured that if this this were a purpose-built bag, it would have a helmet strap for the outside of the pack. I unzipped a zipper that I hadn’t even thought to touch. Lo and behold, there it was! I stopped looking like a dork. My helmet went on the outside and my shovel went on the inside. It’s not even a difficult zipper to find, I was just being silly.

Kode 32 Review 3Even looking like a dork with my shovel out, the Kode 32 still performed amazingly. The hip-belt is nice and big and lets the weight sit on your hips and the shoulder straps are adjustable at the top and bottom, which lets me dial the fit in super fast depending on what layers I’m wearing. Having a semi-rigid back makes the pack very supportive of any weight in it. The fit and support that the Kode 32 provides for its size are pretty phenomenal.

Kode 32 Review 1

The Kode 32 is listed under the “snowplay/ vertical endeavors” section on the Osprey website. The pack certainly is made for playing in the snow, as it has the right straps for carrying skis as an A-Frame or diagonally. I prefer the A-frame because it gets the weight closer to me. There are also straps to hold ice tools or an ice axe on the bag, which can be used to hold a shovel if you are misguided like I was.

The helmet-carrying thing is super convenient and frees up a ton of space without having a dangling helmet. It’s also possible to carry a snowboard horizontally or vertically with this pack, but I don’t snowboard so I haven’t tried it. The pocket that is designed to hold sunglasses/ goggles is made with fabric that won’t scratch lenses, which is one of the finer details that separates this bag from the rest. It feels like all of Osprey’s 40 years went into making this pack do what it was designed to do.

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Ben White

Ben White is a natural born adventurer from Essex, Massachusetts. During the winter of 2010/2011, he set out to hike and ski the NH 48. He finished 6 days before his 18th birthday. While he has been known to ski naked, Ben loves testing out different clothing, from base layers to parkas. When he isn't skiing, he's mountain biking or hiking. His love for mountains has dragged him out to the University of Utah, where he is currently studying Geology.