Having a blast in NYC

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Having a blast in NYC

So you know that feeling when the storm is approaching, you can sense every particle in the atmosphere seemingly charging itself up to unleash the awesome power it has in waiting?  That basically explains the past five days of my life.  As I sit here gathering my thoughts on my weekend in NYC, I am brought instantly back to Thursday night packing my bags getting myself charged up for what laid in waiting.  Electricity I believe is felt in many forms, this weekend my electric charge was the brilliant chaos of NYC and executing too many events in such limited time.  Much like the storm whose energy you can almost reach out and touch the anticipation of conducting an elegant array of opportunities for outdoor recreation in THE CITY was at times overwhelming.

If I can for a moment steal you away to the highlight of the weekend, you possibly too may feel the magnitude of the electric energy we at Eastern Mountain Sports’ felt this past weekend.

Ah, Saturday in the park…  I pulled up to the Bethesda fountain at 9am prepared to set up for the 2011 Adventures NYC and the Eastern Mountain Sports Pro.  We had over 70 kayaks, 100 paddles, and 100 life-vest, plus all the event tools needed to successfully build the community of outdoor rec. minded folks that we at EMS love to be apart of.  By 11am we were ready to go.  For the next five hours we helped introduce over 600 people to the joys of kayaking, introduced thousands of people to the Unified Bouldering Championships, and shared the day with over 10 thousand like minded people in the heart of one of the world’s largest cities.

“Crazy” is in a way. too light of a word to explain the mass of people gathered around the small area between the Band Shell, Sheep’s Meadow, and the Bethesda Fountain.  The people were electrified, masses of neutrons and protons gathered together to share in harmony the energy put forth by enjoying the Big Apple in a truly unique way.

To say that I paddled a kayak around the lake in Central Park, saw the biggest snapping turtle I have ever seen, then pedaled a piece of art work masquerading as a folding bike up to the UBC Eastern Mountain Sports Pro where I watched as internationally acclaimed climbers challenged themselves to finish some awe-inspiring problems only to reach the top, swing around and pump the crowd while hanging one-handed off a hold 35 feet in the air, only scratches the surface of the shear awesomeness that was one day out of 5 for EMS in the NYC.

As the case with most storms, this one too past, and while is was beyond thrilling, in the end I was left in many ways the same as nature is after a storm, worn, exhausted, cleansed, and refreshed.  My love for New York City has been jolted with such gusto; I drove off knowing that the electricity I felt was real, my spirit and joy for the outdoors was only made more powerful by extending that joy in the concrete jungle.

But don’t just take my word for it, check out epic recap of the bouldering competition to witness a 4 minutes of incredible energy and excitement for yourself.

Ben Hall

Brewed fresh in the mountains of Vermont, Eastern Mountain Sports Local Marketing Specialist Ben Hall has gone so far as to boldly proclaim the fact that he is rocking in the good times!  The father of two and husband of one finds his inspiration in the form of mountain biking, skiing, and freelance BS'ing.  His favorite food is Ben & Jerry’s and Long Trail floats, and his favorite color is green.  If you see him driving by, wave to MTBBEN, you can’t miss him, he kind of resembles a yeti!

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  1. Brian Wiggins
    June 28, 2011, 3:54 pm

    Yo, Ben! Nice to see you’re still doing what you love!

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