5 Best Kid Hikes in Massachusetts


What do you do when your little one is too big for the kid carrier but too small to keep up with you on a full day hike? I have no idea, so I asked an expert. Jen Bauer... Read More »

A Tribute To The Ultimate Guide Dog

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Hiking in New Hampshire is hard. The steep grades test your physical fitness, the rocky trails are tough on your knees and the unpredictable, intense weather can turn a perfect day into an emergency situation in a matter of minutes.... Read More »

Semper Hike: The Unbreakable Bond of Veterans


It’s been about six months since our friend and Marine Corps veteran, Bill Laliberte (aka Glacier), left to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail. In my first article about Bill, I wrote of his desire to reconcile memories from The Gulf... Read More »

Hoofin’ it in the High Sierras – Mounted on a Mule


Ever wonder what it’s like to explore a national park on the back of a mule?  Read on, then, pardner, and I’ll tell you about riding the High Sierra loop in Yosemite on a steady steed from the Tuolumne... Read More »

Hiking With Kids|The Rockery Loop Trail in Ipswich, MA


Mass Audubon sanctuaries are some my family’s favorite places to get outdoors. Of the several dozen parks spread throughout Massachusetts, the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary in Topsfield is our most treasured spot. It’s a special place, and one we... Read More »

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