Redlining the White Mountains

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There is a grand project afoot among New England’s most accomplished hikers; it is one that transcends lists, the short-term, and affords years of exploration and challenge. Among those few hikers is my friend, Bill Robichaud. After repeatedly climbing... Read More »

6,800 Ascents of Mount Monadnock…and Counting

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From the 48 Four Thousand Footers to the 52 With a View, New Hampshire is a great place for hikers to add new mountains to their tick lists. Not Larry Davis. Since 1984, he’s maintained an almost daily routine... Read More »

Kayaking the Coast of Maine Trip Report: Week 2

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The journey that began two weeks ago is cruising along. Chuck Domenie from the Eastern Mountain Sports Kayaking School and his paddling partner Sandra took a rest day yesterday in Stonington, Maine. Chuck checked in with me from the local library... Read More »

Presidential Traverse Under the Super Moon

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We stepped out of the brush for, as far as I could tell, the last time, and clicked off our headlamps. It only took a minute for my eyes to adjust to a full moon. It floated off to... Read More »

#JamesOnTheAT Week 3 Update: Tornado Warning


As I said from the start, getting updates from James was going to be a bit of a work in progress as we figure out the challenges of cell phone connectivity and the limits of James’ physical ability to... Read More »

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