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A Tribute To The Ultimate Guide Dog

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Hiking in New Hampshire is hard. The steep grades test your physical fitness, the rocky trails are tough on your knees and the unpredictable, intense weather can turn a perfect day into an emergency situation in a matter of minutes.... Read More »

Outdoor Safety Advice From Rescue Professionals

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Last February, I paddled alone down the Annisquam River. Shortly after launching my kayak, the US Coast Guard motored alongside me. I waved, but they did not wave back. Rather, they peered at me through binoculars, pointed at me... Read More »

Trail Talk Thursdays: Interview with Jeremy Clark

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Each Thursday I will feature a person, organization, or cause that benefits or impacts our hiking community. This week I had the pleasure of talking with Jeremy Clark. Jeremy can often be found atop NH’s shortest 4000-footer, Mt Tecumseh.... Read More »

Semper Hike: Two Veterans “Walk Off the War” on the Appalachian Trail

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Nearly three months ago Bill, trail-name Glacier, left to hike the Appalachian Trail in search of walking off lingering stress from his previous deployment to Kuwait. The trail is treating him very well. We spoke just before the 4th... Read More »

Semper Hike: Bill Gets His AT Thru Hiker Nickname

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As some of you may know, my friend and former Marine, Bill packed up his camping gear and left last month for his thru-hike attempt of the Appalachian Trail. The day I dropped him off, we discussed his past deployments and... Read More »

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