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#JamesOntheAt Week 15 Update: Resting in NH After Surgery

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Last week I blogged that James fractured the metacarpal on his right hand when he slipped and fell while hiking the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. Unfortunately, the injury required surgery. As you can see in the x-ray below, James had two pins inserted... Read More »

#JamesOnTheAT Week 5 Update: Settling In To a Routine

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It’s hard to believe that James Willette from our Peterborough, NH store is already a month into his northbound Appalachian Trail experience but that’s exactly how long it’s been and here’s exactly where he was yesterday–at the top of Roan Mountain in... Read More »

5 Must Try Backpacking Recipes from Dirty Gourmet

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After putting so much thought and consideration into planning your backpacking trip, choosing the perfect gear for the weather forecast and packing your pack for optimal load efficiency, it’s easy leave dinner to Chef Boyardee, Dinty Moore or a dehydrated backpacking meal. For sure, all... Read More »

#JamesOnTheAt Week 2 Update: 100 miles in!

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It’s Patriot’s Day in New England and while most of the region’s attention is focused on the Boston Marathon and the traditional Red Sox game, it’s just another day on the Appalachian Trail for James Willette from our Peterborough,... Read More »

With Love from the Appalachian Trail

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When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, Eastern Mountain Sports is all about practicing Leave No Trace and the mantra “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.” However, while cruising our Instagram feed, I came across a photo posted by... Read More »

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