Catching up with Joe Kinder

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Catching up with Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder - doing what he does best.

It seems like every time I have the opportunity to sit down and write, edit vids, and be creative is when I am in a hotel.  Something about a simple hotel room gets me creatively inspired and makes me want to be productive.  I am in a La Quinta Inn right now in Las Vegas while the wind is blowing hard and a front is stirring up some gnarly weather.

Once again we (my girlfriend Colette and I) are on the road and ready for a HUGE trip abroad.  I am headed to Europe for three months including Spain, France, Italy and Austria.  Then we fly from Spain to South Africa for another two months.  I have to say that this is probably the trip of a lifetime and I am REALLY excited.  There are lots of perks in my life.  I climb all the time, I don’t have a regular job, and I get to travel whenever and wherever I want.  Now how is that for living the dream!?  Things could honestly not be better.

Right before Colette and I moved out of our last house in Colorado we went through some emotional phases.  The mountains of Colorado are no joke and this was our first time living in the real winter climate in a couple of years.  Dark depressing days keep you inside a lot and I basically lived in my Titan Jacket and Micro Fleece Hoodies. With all of this inside time I made a couple of videos.

They are kind of artsy videos with the first video as the initial snowfall of the season.

The Dreadful First Snow of The Season from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

And the second, was our torment and departure as climbers dealing with the off and on weather.  Good times.

An Exhausted Chapter from Joey Kinder on Vimeo.

I look forward to blogging more for Eastern Mountain Sports and urge you all to check out my own site  See you in the future!!!

Joe Kinder

Joe Kinder is an Eastern Mountain Sports sponsored athlete. An original East-Coaster, Joe moved to Boulder, CO, after graduating from the Maine College of Art to chase his dream of becoming a professional climber. Thanks to his hard work, constant networking, and continual crushing of hard lines, Joe has become a highly respected member of the climbing community. In addition to Eastern Mountain Sports, Joe is also sponsored by Gregory® Packs, Sterling Rope®, Petzl®, La Sportiva®,  Nutriex®, and SmithOptics® in order to continue traveling the world and sharing his passion with others. A great ambassador for the sport, Joe’s amp for rock climbing never ends. In fact, the only time you’ll ever see him down is if he hasn’t been to a cliff in a few days. The key to keeping this climber happy is simple–the rock. See for yourself at his blog,


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