Camp Oh-Neh-Tah, Round 2: Week 1


Guess who’s back?! YUP! Me. Sometimes Mother Nature wreaks havoc on our internet connection with the heavy rains here but I’ve got things up and running again and come bearing lots of updates for you guys.

Last Tuesday morning, we said goodbye to our campers from Session 1. This past Friday, we welcomed about 75 newcomers. Though I really bonded with a lot of our previous campers and will miss a few stand-out participants, the newbies are pretty awesome. Great attitudes, smiling often and so far, always ready to have fun and try new things. On this week’s agenda, we’ve got Superhero Day, Pajama Day, All Camp Day (where we’ll have a host of challenge based activities and our very own Olympic games) and four (4) sister cabin overnight trips (two cabins within the same age group camp out overnight for a bonding/outdoor adventure). Needless to say, things are pretty busy here. Friday night, we had our Fun Fire ceremony where each cabin and staff member has to put together some sort of introductory skit or performance. Unfortunately for you guys, I’m not able to share the awesome footage BUT – I can give you a peek at what a Fun Fire looks like…

I captured some other cool moments on camera, too. Exhibit A: Kayaking/Canoeing!

The weather was a little gray the first morning we went out but the girls were still super excited to hop into their funyaks and canoes and get their paddle on. Check it out…

When the skies cleared and the sun decided to come out and join us, as a non-swimmer, I mustered up the courage to give it a shot and had a great time:

(At 5’11”, I’ll probably upgrade to the canoe next time — my legs are a tad long for the funyaks.)

Later that evening, we had our Halloween themed Unity Hour and this time, I got to be Frylock. Our Literacy Director and Lifeguard made awesome zombies and the kids had an awesome time. Check out our staff in character and one of our bonus questions from the Big Witch trivia hunt:

Yesterday, we had our All Camp Day which included a variety of swimming, field, water and staff games that tired everyone out. Water balloon toss, swim races, face painting and a whole lot more. Our Program & Activities Coordinator (Kate the Great) did an amazing job of putting the day together — I was proud to watch her days of planning come to fruition.

Tonight we’ve got two more cabins headed out on their overnight hike/camping trip. The final two groups go tomorrow. I’ll be dropping in on one of the two to rack up on s’mores and sit in on some girl talk. I hope you’re all enjoying the final days of July. I’ll be here drinking tons of water and trying my best to stay cool!

See you next week,


Holley Monelle

Holley Monelle Murchison is a young professional and Brooklyn College graduate with a B.A in Television & Radio. Over time, she has discovered her passions for radio (hosting), music (songwriting • artist development • consulting • management) and the advancement of education IN and strengthening OF underserved communities across the globe. Her ultimate goal is to create a career that marries said passions and is close to making that happen through an initiative she hosts and manages called The Hall Pass Tour. In her leisure time, Holley enjoys traveling, extreme sports, reading, music and all things food related.

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