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Redlining the White Mountains

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There is a grand project afoot among New England’s most accomplished hikers; it is one that transcends lists, the short-term, and affords years of exploration and challenge. Among those few hikers is my friend, Bill Robichaud. After repeatedly climbing... Read More »

Outdoor Safety Advice From Rescue Professionals

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Last February, I paddled alone down the Annisquam River. Shortly after launching my kayak, the US Coast Guard motored alongside me. I waved, but they did not wave back. Rather, they peered at me through binoculars, pointed at me... Read More »

Paddling the Concord River in Massachusetts


Thank you so much to reader, Jared, who after reading my last article of off-season paddling on Great Marsh, asked for some more trip ideas. This one should work for Jared and anyone else in New England who wants to... Read More »

Fall and Winter Hiking: Know Before You Go

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With fall firmly settled in across New England, it’s an exciting time for mountain hikers. Summer crowds are long gone and each hike carries with it a wonderful diversity of trail conditions, weather, and natural surroundings. It’s possible (likely,... Read More »

Paddling Great Marsh in Northern Massachusetts


Here in New England the water is cooling off, the air’s getting colder, and many inland rivers are drying up. Soon too, ocean surf will pick up its intensity. Along with all that and the arrival of shorter days,... Read More »

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