8 Things To Do Before Labor Day

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Yes, summer is only officially a few days old but you KNOW how quickly the best days of the year fly by. First, one weekend gets consumed by a friend’s wedding, then it’s a family reunion. Next thing you know, the stores are packed with Back To School stuff, the NFL is back on TV, and you’re left wondering what happened to summer as you your friends ask you if you want to go in on a ski house rental.

With so many things competing for your precious summer fun time, NOW is the time to plan how you’re going to spend it. No matter where you live or how old you are, here are 8 Things To Do Before Labor Day to ensure you head into autumn with no regrets.

Photo by @yaniedesmarais on Instagram

Photo by @yaniedesmarais on Instagram

Get Dirty

You have all winter to be cozy, comfy and warm so don’t just go outside and play, IMMERSE yourself in all of summer’s gritty, grimy and even filthy glory. Whatever you do to yourself can be quickly undone by jumping fully clothed (or not) into the closest lake, pond, river or ocean so lighten up and let the laundry wait an extra day or so. You’ve got things to do.


Photo by @windog89 on Instagram

Make a New Friend

With all those barbecues, beach parties and music festivals you’ll be going to, you’re bound to meet some fascinating new people. Now is not the time to be a shrinking violet. Stick out your hand and introduce yourself to the people you meet on your trailside water breaks. Say more than “hey” to the guy behind you in line at the ice cream truck. And of course, don’t miss an opportunity to pat a new dog on the head (with the owner’s permission, of course) or observe wildlife from a respectful distance.

Photo by @smartwooligan on Instagram

Photo by @smartwooligan on Instagram

Go Someplace You’ve Never Been

We all have our favorite places that summer doesn’t feel complete without visiting but the key to a more memorable summer is to fill it with new experiences. Flip a coin between two options or play a little GPS roulette and see where adventure takes you this summer. I can’t guarantee you’ll find your next favorite road trip destination but you WILL make new memories that will define the summer of ’14 for years to come.

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Photo by @eboyson207 on Instagram.

Get Wet

Whether you take your aquatic adventure in the form of a good ol’ fashioned drink from a garden hose or a multi-day kayak/camping journey, every memorable summer requires lots and lots of water. Be sure to drink plenty of it and jump in it, swim in it, and splash in it every chance you get.

Photo by @TheNorthFace on @Instagram

Photo by @TheNorthFace on @Instagram

Be Cheesy

What IS it about getting to the top of a mountain that makes us want to throw our hands in the air with no regard to how silly we look on Facebook afterward? Whatever it is, it never stops us from doing it again on every new peak we bag, ideally with as many people as we can fit in the frame. If it’s been a while since your last summit selfi or you’ve never taken one before, get up there and show your Facebook friends how awesome you are.

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Photo by @jthomas_adker on Instagram.

Challenge Yourself

There’s an internet full of quotes, phrases and expressions engineered to inspire you to push yourself a little hard and reach a new goal. Whichever one convinces you to “go the extra mile,” “expand your comfort zone,” or “shatter a plateau” I say go for it because even if you don’t reach that peak, we all need a little pain/disappointment to keep us humble and motivated to try again.

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Conquer a Fear

If you’d rather push the envelope past “challenge” and further down The Danger Zone, summer is a perfect time to do something that scares you. Chances are, you’ll have no problem finding friends to help you overcome your phobia and if it all goes to hell, there’s always ice cream.

With that in mind, maybe this is the summer I try rock climbing again for the first time since Philmont Scout Ranch when the instructor pointed at me at the top of the route after I’d mindlessly clipped off belay and shouted “YOU!!! DO YOU WANT TO DIE!?!?!” at me in front of my entire crew and approximately 30 other scouts at the base of the crag.

On second thought. I think I’ll give this a shot instead:

Photo by @helcitistar on Instagram

Photo by @helcitistar on Instagram

Take a Nap Outside

After a busy day of going new places, doing unforgettable things and meeting interesting people there’s nothing better than kicking back and taking a little snooze al fresco. Adirondack chairs, beach blankets and slabs of rock are all perfectly acceptable outdoor napping sites but for a truly restful and bliss-inspiring experience, nothing beats a hammock strung between two shady trees.


Leave us a comment and let’s make this the Summer of George for EVERYONE!


Jim Darroch