5 Gifts for the Injured Athlete

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If you have friends or family members who are athletic, it’s pretty likely that sooner or later someone will be injured.  It’s pretty rough being out of commission. Not only is there the pain or discomfort associated with the injury, but also no one wants to rest and recover while everyone else has fun.

I like to consider myself something of an injury expert (5 knee surgeries in the past 4 years!), so here are a few things I’d recommend for the injured athlete.


The Trigger Point Foam Roller is amazing. It saved my hamstring after an operation, and now that I’m super active again I use it to keep my muscles loose and happy. Fitness experts have become really big proponents of using foam roller for self-myofascial release to improve flexibility and reduce injury. This gift is great because it’s something they can use both while injured and after they’ve recovered.


These Dr. Cool Wraps are such a great buy. Used dry, they can be used for compression, but add water and freeze them and they become like a super flexible ice pack that you can apply easily to almost any part of your body. Ulike bulky ice bags, you can still move around while wearing them.


Most sidelined athletes are desperate for some activity that burns off their extra energy. That’s where swimming comes in. It’s not my favorite sport ever, but I clocked some serious pool time during the rehab process since it’s one of the few activities super low impact activities. Cool goggles will help new swimmers see where they are going so they don’t wander into a different lane (I’m definitely guilty of this!).


Games are great since you don’t have to move anything except your hands. Bananagrams is a fun favorite with everyone from teenagers to grandparents. It’s portable and on those days when it’s just you and your exercises, it’s always fun to grab a few random letters from the bag and see what you can come with.


It always helped me while I was off my feet to plan out my next adventure. It gave me something to look forward to and a reason to push myself to do all the endless exercises, icing, and elevation that the doctor prescribed. Get them a book based off their particular interest, and hopefully they will be back on their feet and doing what they love in no time.



Jim Darroch