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To the Belknaps for a day of goal-less wandering!


Sign overload: From none to many, the Belknaps now have plenty of somewhat confusing trail markers.   What do boy scouts, a Chinese church group and a firefighter all have in common? They have all been injured or have... Read More »

Why I Hike in Flip-Flops, and you Shouldn’t.


If you have a close friend, you tend to pick up their traits and characteristics.  Not physical characteristics (such as having your eyes go from brown to blue), but gestures, expressions, and personality traits.  It may not be consciously... Read More »

Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier

Backpacking / Winter Sports

The trip had been planned in March for May, but conflicting schedules and weather windows pushed it back to mid June. We packed up the car, threw some man-balm in our pockets and drove to Portland. George came from... Read More »

Stand Up Paddling, a Poem


If you’ve never SUP’ed before, It’s time to get you off the shore! SUP’ing is a fun way to stay fit, Here’s a list of some ways to do it: You can SUP with a dog, You can SUP... Read More »

North Brunswick NJ Grand Opening this weekend!


If you haven’t heard, we have just opened a great new store in North Brunswick NJ, next to Michael’s at the North Village Shopping Center on Route 1 South at the junction of Route 130. Come join Jean and... Read More »

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