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Let’s Help Vermont


Eastern Mountain Sports Waterford is ok, my house is ok, my family is ok, and I am ok. I have no power and it may be a while before I get it back. But we were prepared. We were... Read More »

Leave No Trace Principle 2 – Know Before You Go

Backpacking / Conservation

Every year, you read about lost and injured hikers. Google “lost hiker” and the year 2011 and you get a whopping 78,400 hits. Even discounting for multiple entries, that’s a lot of people who needed help. Experienced hikers get... Read More »

Living in the extreme


The beauty of outdoor sports is subjecting yourself to ruthless weather, unforgiving terrain, or intense physical activity to see what you’re made of. No matter how rugged an adventurer you are, sooner or later we pack up our gear,... Read More »

Travels with Jacey… to Cape Cod


The first week of August marked our annual family vacation to Cape Cod. A whole week of sun, sand, salt, and baby! As you may have guessed, we made the most of it and had a great time hanging... Read More »

Nor’easter Spotlight: Mike Steidley


So far the Nor’easter Spotlight blogs have focused on all the great music that’s part of this year’s festival. But let’s not forget that the Nor’easter is so much more than just an awesome music lineup! Just take a... Read More »

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