Redlining the White Mountains

There is a grand project afoot among New England’s most accomplished hikers; it is one that transcends lists, the short-term, and affords years of exploration and challenge. Among those few hikers is my friend, Bill Robichaud. After repeatedly climbing the same mountains, he left the most trodden trails and... Read More ››

6,800 Ascents of Mount Monadnock…and Counting

From the 48 Four Thousand Footers to the 52 With a View, New Hampshire is a great place for hikers to add new mountains to their tick lists. Not Larry Davis. Since 1984, he’s maintained an almost daily routine of climbing Mount Monadnock. At some point this spring, he’ll... Read More ››

Winter Traction 101

Winter is the season of traction. Not needing to worry about your feet moving in a direction you don’t want while you’re walking on snow or ice can go a long way towards making your winter experience a pleasant one. Luckily, there are ways to make that happen. But... Read More ››

Toys For Tots Hike and Ride Event with WFD Local 1009

The Eastern Mountain Sports/Worcester Fire Department Toys for Tots Hike and Ride Event at Wachusett Mountain is one of the more rewarding, and fun events EMS partakes in every year. The idea is simple – we collect as many toys as possible through our stores local to Mount Wachusett... Read More ››

Thru Hiker Thursday: Crazy Characters

The first time I flipped through the two albums of Appalachian Trail Thru Hiker Polaroids taken by our Berkshire Mall staff in the early to mid 2000’s, there were a few that made me laugh out loud. So much so, I thought twice about featuring them on the blog due to their…colorful... Read More ››

Facebook Fan Approved Gifts for Hikers

At Eastern Mountain Sports, we take a lot of pride in offering “knowledgeable, credible and authentic” advice  but we also know how important it is to listen. With that in mind, I asked our Facebook community to share their top gift ideas for a hiker so I could offer suggestions... Read More ››

5 Gifts that Give Back

Tis the season for giving many presents, so why not pick a product that also does some good in the world? Here are a few cool gifts that will not only put a smile on the face of of the person you give it too, but will support a great program... Read More ››

5 Gifts for Serious Road Cyclists

Just as ice climbers are a different breed, so too are serious road cyclists. While there are varying degrees of serious road cyclists, they all share one common trait–an obsession with riding as many miles as often as they can. I know, because I share this affliction along with a... Read More ››

5 Gifts for Ice Climbers

There are two kinds of people in this world–ice climbers and people who think ice climbers are completely insane. If you fall into the latter category, you probably have no idea what to get the ice climber on your holiday shopping list. You might even feel awkward about enabling... Read More ››

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