Favorite Fall Adventure Photos of ’14

It’s not even a month old but so far, this fall has been one of the best the northeast has seen in years. The foliage has been fantastic, rain has been scarce and with the exception of a few chilly mornings that had me reaching deep into my closet... Read More ››

Instagrammer of the Week: @alpinebee

Fall in the northeast is like Forest Gump’s box of chocolates–”you never know what you’re gonna get.” This week in New Hampshire, we’ve seen temperatures dip below freezing and above seventy which has made for a fascinating range of photos shared with us at the #easternmntn hash tag on Instagram. It... Read More ››

Kayaking the Coast of Maine Trip Report: Week 2

The journey that began two weeks ago is cruising along. Chuck Domenie from the Eastern Mountain Sports Kayaking School and his paddling partner Sandra took a rest day yesterday in Stonington, Maine. Chuck checked in with me from the local library to update me on his experiences this week and scope... Read More ››

Instagrammer of the Week: @Jessicatabs

I’ve always been fascinated by long exposure photography but at this time of year I’m primarily interested in foliage photos. So when I was cruising the #easternmntn hashtag on Instagram for images with fall color, I was thrilled to find this stunning shot from @jessicatabs that delivered both. When she’s... Read More ››

Good To-Go: Delicious Dehydrated Meals Made In Maine

When it comes to choosing what kind of food to bring on a weekend camp-out or multi-day backpacking trip, convenience is king. You want easy to prepare meals with ingredients that won’t spoil, spill, or attract the attention of the furry local residents who are every bit as hungry as you are.... Read More ››

Fall ’14 Club Day Recap: Bringing the Outdoors to our Stores

Club Day at Eastern Mountain Sports is a favorite tradition among staff and customers alike. From performing invaluable trail maintenance and conservation projects to teaching essential outdoor skills, outdoor organizations like scout troops, hiking clubs and cycling associations have our never-ending gratitude and respect. Twice a year, all 68 of our stores become exhibit halls... Read More ››

Instagrammer of the Week: @userwiththatnamealreadyexists

Kevin Lenhart may have had a tough time finding a creative user name for his Instagram account but he has no problem posting a steady stream of stunning landscape photographs that include some of the most vibrant foliage shots I’ve ever seen. Living in Lake Placid, NY and working as... Read More ››

Kayaking the Coast of Maine Trip Report: Week 1

Last week, Chuck Domenie from Eastern Mountain Sports Schools and his paddling partner Sandra Townsend set off from Eastport, Maine for a 3-week, 300-mile kayaking trip along the coast of Maine. What makes this trip particularly noteworthy is that throughout their journey, Chuck and Sandra will be collecting a... Read More ››

Paddling With a Purpose: A 3-Week Kayak Journey Starts TODAY

Ask any Eastern Mountain Sports employee what their favorite time of year to hike, paddle or camp is and I’ll virtually guarantee they’ll all say “fall.” Kayak Instructor Chuck Domenie is no exception and at 11am this morning, he and his paddling partner Sandra Townsend struck out on a... Read More ››

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