Instagrammer of the Week: Adaptive Climbing Group

Kareemah Batts will be the first to tell you that she’s not to on Instagram to showcase her photography skills. The photos on the @adaptiveclimb Instagram are frequently blurry with poor lighting but that doesn’t stop them from being some of the most powerful and inspiring photos I’ve ever seen.... Read More ››

Local Outdoor Places: Adventure at its Easiest

They may not be on your adventure bucket list and they’re easy to take for granted but local outdoor places like parks, wildlife preserves and bird sanctuaries deserve our respect. That said, I’m willing to bet that there are some local outdoor places in your community that you’ve driven by a thousand times... Read More ››

Instagrammer of the Week: @whitemountainod

I freely admit that when choosing this week’s Instagram honoree, I was specifically looking to showcase the photos of an avid paddler. Hiking is unquestionably the most popular sport with our Facebook fans but if you ask me, summer just isn’t complete without spending a few blissful hours in... Read More ››

Instagrammer of the Week: @hopsandscotch

OK, I freely admit that Eric Happeny’s extremely compelling user name is what initially inspired me to follow his hopsandscotch Instagram account when I saw that he started following @easternmntn on Instagram. Once I did, I was treated to a collection of photos from a man who loves the outdoors, loves his... Read More ››

#JamesOntheAt Week 15 Update: Resting in NH After Surgery

Last week I blogged that James fractured the metacarpal on his right hand when he slipped and fell while hiking the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut. Unfortunately, the injury required surgery. As you can see in the x-ray below, James had two pins inserted in his right hand. At this moment, he is resting... Read More ››

40 Years of Osprey Packs History in 14 Photos

It looks like our friends at Osprey Packs are celebrating their 40th anniversary with the same thoroughness and enthusiasm that they create their functional, comfortable and beautiful products. Which is to say, they’ve got every detail covered. As I write this, their #Osprey1974 photo contest is happening where they’re giving away 40 packs... Read More ››

Instagrammer of the Week: BenWhiteSkis

After launching our #BacktoBlank campaign last week and seeing all the great foliage photos our Instagram followers shared with us, my mind started wandering toward winter. And when I think of winter, I think of one of the first people to contribute to this blog who didn’t work for Eastern... Read More ››

Making Sure There’s a “Next Time”

Matt and I headed off on our adventure all psyched up. The mission was Moonlight Buttress in Zion National Park. 1200 feet of beautiful sandstone, with the same crack system for over half of the route; it is considered one of the most amazing climbing routes in the country.... Read More ››

#BacktoBlank: What Do You Love Most About Fall?

As Back to School starts to take over your mailbox, inbox and Facebook newsfeed, we at Eastern Mountain Sports thought it would be nice to focus on the many other, infinitely more enjoyable things to come in the cooler days ahead. In fact, we’d like your help! Let’s remind all the... Read More ››

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